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Inhabited since Paleolithic period with significant dates of Illyrian civilization, the ancestors of present Albanians, followed by Greek, Roman, and Turkish occupations, the territory of the Albania where took place:

The battles of Philip of Macedonia and Alexander the Great and passe d 4 Christian crusades,

Which was the attester of the final battle between Cesar and Pompei

The birthplace of Skanderbeg, Albanian National Hero, who fought successfully 25 years against ottoman occupation,

is full of ruins and treasures of those old famous civilizations

The Antic City of Butrinti (Buthrotos) in Saranda, the ruins and excavations in Apolonia archaeological center” near Fiery, Roman time Amphitheater in Durres, one of the biggest in Balkans,

The ruins of the old famous road Via Egnatia, the link road of Europe with Asia, built at the time of the Roman Empire - passing from Rome through Durres port(Epidamnus), Elbasan (Skampa), Librazhd, Skopje and Thessalonica to Konstantinopoja,

The citadels and many fortresses in Shkodra, Lezha, Kruja, Tirana, Elbasani, Berati, Gjirokastra and the old castles, churches, mosques all over the country

testify that Albania was the cradle of the ancient civilization

The God blessed Albania with mountains, fields and lowlands,rivers, lakes, forests and fantastic coastline of the Adriatic and Ionian seas, with wonderful and unforgettable landscapes.










The feelings, culture and the vitality of the Albanian people is reflected in the rich and diversity of the folklore, ethnography and traditional Albanian hospitality

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